Building a bridge that connects the community and strengthens the family

The Houston Youth Ranch (HYR) is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that was established in February 1992, by Alvis W. Prince, Jr. Through the encouragement of his life-long mentor, Johnnie Means, co-founder and Executive Board Director, Mr. Prince began the arduous process of establishing the HYR. Mr. Prince’s vision was that through his career as a U.S. Federal Agent, the HYR would “build a bridge that connects the community and strengthens the family.” Harris County Precinct One Commissioner, the late El Franco Lee, provided Mr. Prince with the opportunity to make his vision reality by awarding the HYR with a 300 acre site that is located within Precinct One near the Reliant Park complex.

The goal of the HYR is to reduce youth crime and violence through farm and ranch and other outdoor recreational activities, wherein the law enforcement community, business community, school districts, community organizations, civic clubs and churches join together to participate. The featured event at the HYR is its annual Law Enforcement Youth Day. This event showcases law enforcement personnel from the U.S. Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Police Department (HPD), Metro P.D., local Countable Offices and others.

Participating youth and parents are exposed to various aspects of law enforcement and the tools Law enforcement utilize to accomplish their mission. This program educates youth in law enforcement programmatic area and initiatives through structured outdoors hands-on forums. The youth attend interactive overviews presented by Law enforcement agency personnel who are subject matter experts. They learn about gang violence, narcotics, contraband smuggling, interdiction efforts, surveillance, forensics and the types of crimes each agency investigate. This program also promotes outreach and recruitment to students as candidates for future employment with the law enforcement agencies.
13835 Blue Ridge Rd
Houston, Tx 77085

Telephone: (713) 692-7753